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It really is the epitome of lifestyle photography. Below, you will find some of my favorite images I have ever taken. Truly, an unforgettable experience!

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Jade's Toro Park Teepee Session. Salinas Children's Photographer. http://sweetpeaphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/jades-toro-park-teepee-session-salinas-children-s-photographer When Jade's mom called to ask me my thoughts on Teepee's, I almost died right there!

 Toro Park at Sunset is always amazing!


 My personal Fave's. Saved the best for last...
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Navy Inspired Lifestyle Newborn Session. Seaside, California. http://sweetpeaphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/navy-inspired-lifestyle-newborn-session-seaside-california Lifestyle sessions are all the rage & I am Smitten!
Just look at this little fam...


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Arroyo Seco Engagement. Gabe & Savannah http://sweetpeaphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/arroyo-seco-engagement I met Gabe & Savannah at Mesa Del Sol Vineyards, a picturesque private estate in the heart of the Arroyo Seco Highlands.

I was seriously in heaven... The property has so many amazing features, including a pond, a garden and a door to nowhere, one of my favorites.

Sunset is always the most stunning time of the day for photos. Unfortunately, earlier on this particular sunny afternoon, I had haphazardly made an appointment with my Optometrist, totally spacing out on the fact that he would dilate my eyes and I would be totally blinded all evening. Oopsie. These two probably thought I was totally crazy, trying to play a vampire at sunset!

 I'm so thrilled & excited for the both of you! Thanks for sweating it out with me on this dog day of Summer. It was so worth it!

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Carmel Family Portraits. The Lilley Family. http://sweetpeaphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/carmel-family-portraits Carmel Family Portraits. The Lilley Family.

 I just finished up this adorable little family's session & coincidentally they are dressed in patriotic colors, so I thought this would also make for a perfect Fourth Of July blog post!

 I met the Lilley family at Carmel River State Beach a couple weeks ago on a perfect summer afternoon.
 I also had my assistant & second shooter Jenna with me that day.

Jenna's view:

 My View of the same moment!
 This is Giovanni & he is totally adorable in every single way. Such a happy, happy babe!
 Isabella is pretty precious as well & packs some huge personality into her little frame.

 I just love this...
 And this! Swoon...

 This so reminds me of childhood.
 Toddlers are hard to photograph. Always. I often give families little tasks & activities to do during their session. This tricks toddlers into thinking something fun is happening & I always get an authentic reaction.

 We stopped by the Carmel Mission for a change of scenery. Check out this to-die-for side profile.
 And though she be but little, she is fierce.

 Gio. Just chillin'.

 My photo on the left. Jenna's photo on the right.
I love seeing one cohesive moment from two different perspectives.

 This is technically a blooper, but I loved the lifestyle feel to it. Just a mom with her kids.
This was total chaos. Bella was eating sand while Gio was face planting directly into the pile he had just made! Fun times.

Ashlee actually contacted me several months ago via email. She said she had found me thru a Google Search & had started following me on Facebook & Instagram. She told me that her & her family were moving to the area in a couple of months & she loved my photos & wanted to set up a session. This was like, the best compliment a client has paid me in a long time. I was seriously floating for at least two days. So Ashlee, thank you! I am humbled and honored that you chose me. I recognize and appreciate the love!
Randall & Ashlee,
I had such a fun time meeting you and your totally adorable mini me's. They are both little slices of heaven! Thank you for contacting me. It was such a great day!
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Beach Photo Session. Monterey, California http://sweetpeaphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/6/beach-photo-session Monterey Photographer. Sunset Beach Session.
 So, technically, these are not engagement photos as Anthony & Sierra are not engaged. However, it is hard to deny that they really do look the part. When we met, Anthony was standing there in his strapping suit next to Sierra with her amazingly fresh Kate Spade dress & he calmly and casually mentions that while they may have dressed for an engagement session, could I perhaps do all that I could to make their photos not look like that, but rather, just a boyfriend and girlfriend having a good time.
Oh, Anthony. You silly goose!

I had my assistant & second shooter Jenna with me that afternoon & after about 10 minutes of shooting, I had to admit to this adorable couple that their photos were going to come out looking incredibly engagement-like & they should just embrace the cheeserific-ness of it all. Somehow we came up with the brilliant idea to slip Jenna's wedding ring on Sierra's ring finger, just for a second of fun & what resulted was one of my favorite images from the entire session!

 Sierra thought the whole thing was just a little ridiculous...

Next we were headed to the beach, but on the way back up to the car, there was this tiny field off the side of the road with the most amazing light ever. And then this happened...

 It was a perfect day in Monterey. The weather was unseasonably warm & there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

 A definite Fave!
Anthony & Sierra,
Jenna & I had so much fun with the two of you!
Your energy is contagious & it made me feel young again. If only for a short while.
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Brooks Family. Monterey Children's Photography. http://sweetpeaphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/6/brooks-family Check out these adorable siblings that I met in an open field off of Hwy 68.
 This little love, James was the most amazingly happy little baby. Smiley the entire time. Love him!
 This was a couple months ago, in early spring & this field had the greatest tall green grass & a large patch of blue bonnets that were perfect for the girls!
 Look at this ginger, Landri. I am so in love with her lovely locks. So pretty!
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Father's Day 2014. Monterey Family Photographer. http://sweetpeaphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/6/fathers-day-2014 In honor of Father's Day Weekend, I have put together a blog of random images I have taken of dads with their children. Enjoy!

Had to slip this proud grandfather moment in!



I may be biased, but I saved the best for last.
My Beloveds. Jason & Lily.
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Monterey Lifestyle Photography. The Dickson's. http://sweetpeaphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/6/monterey-lifestyle-photography-the-dicksons I have been obsessed with lifestyle photography lately. It is all I stare at when I'm on Pinterest. I can get lost in it. Something about the authenticity of it just speaks to my heart.

Further compounding my love affair with this particular lifestyle session are the people in the photos. When I decided to delve into the Lifestyle genre, I needed some "test subjects" so practice on. I always do this before I start offering a new service to the general public & I always call a previous client and offer it to them first. I immediately thought of Scott, Carrie & their precious baby, Elloise. They said Yes & I went over one morning.

I wanted it to be super casual. I had a vision of reading books & taking a bath. The trick to Lifestyle photography is to give the illusion that the family is going about their regular business & there is an invisible photographer in the room.

 Let me tell you that Scott speaks french to his little girl to make her smile & here he is reading their favorite french book together. Swoon, Swoon Swoon!

 Elloise has the most captivating eyes. Is it normal to be jealous of a six month old baby??

 I have many favorites in this series, but the photo below is definitely in the top 3. Elloise is so unbelievably chunky, she just can't help herself! It's the most endearing and adorable thing I've ever seen.


Carrie is so creative & crafty. She made Scott this chalkboard-esque coffee mug for Valentine's Day and decorated it with all things Ellie. So sweet!

Shortly after these photos, this lovely family found out that Papa will be deploying for six months. My heart breaks for them. It has been such a joy being a part of their lives over the course of the last year & I can't wait for Scott to return so we can have more epic photo adventures together!

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Pacific Grove Newborn Photography Studio http://sweetpeaphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/5/pacific-grove-newborn-photography-studio I recently opened my studio in Downtown Pacific Grove where I offer photo sessions for newborns.

I have been photographing newborns for over five years in the Monterey and Salinas area, however, I used to have to take all of my props & assorted newborn paraphernalia with me. Now, new parents can easily come to my studio & even have a chance to relax a little while I handle their precious bundles!



I always encourage new parents to participate in their newborn photos with their baby's, as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Siblings are welcome to join in some photos as well!


I have a variety of backdrops, wraps & props that I update regularly as well as seasonally. If there is something that you would like to include, I encourage you to bring it along. This is an example of a current Spring Newborn setup that I offer...

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Mothers with their Children, Monterey Family Photographer. http://sweetpeaphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/5/mothers-with-their-children-monterey-family-photographer I photograph a lot amazing women constantly. Some of my most favorite photographs are the ones I take of a mother with her child. Specifically, of a mother looking at her child. There is just something about it.

Here are some of my fav's from the last few months...


Jocelyn & Brixton

Jocelyn brought Brix into the studio for some kiddie portraits. She did not plan to be in any photos. But she pulled her hair out of her loose bun & jumped in for a few. I wish I was that put together by accident!

 Diana is a friend of mine. This is her & her little girl, Maddie. I was lying in bed one night thinking & had this vision of Mother/Daughter Sessions. Why wasn't anyone doing these? Why wasn't I doing these???


Anyways, Diana brought MaddieCakes to the studio. Madison was not feelin' it! So, out of desperation, I told Diana to get on the bed with Maddie and tickle her. And this moment just unfolded organically.

My studio is right down the street from Lover's Point in Pacific Grove, so we ran down there to do some beach style photos as well. It was an amazing day!


 Jillian & Julie are from the Bay Area, but they come to Carmel once a year for a little R&R. I love that they do this together as Mother & Daughter. What a special treat! Jillian found me on Groupon and set up a beach session for her & her momma. So sweet!

This is my beautiful cousin Erin, on her wedding day, with her mother & sister. She is the godmother of my daughter & I just love her more than I can express!

Courtney with her baby love, Jacob. What an angel he was. Slept the entire time. Didn't pee or poo on me once!

Araceli & her little lover, Vaida. I like to call Vaida, Vaidakins. If you haven't noticed, I enjoy giving all my little Sweet Pea's nicknames!

 Celi & her son, Albert...


 From a recent Birth I photographed. When Adrian's grandmother came in to meet him for the first time, I lost it! My heart literally felt like it was going to explode.


 This is my most favorite little muffin, Elloise!!!!! I seriously have a major love affair going with this entire family.

Carrie & Scott hired me to take their maternity photos at the end of last year & we had an amazing time together! Then.... (I don't even know if Carrie knows this) she made my ultimate dream come true by asking me to come to the hospital and snap some photos of them with the baby after he/she was born. I had been wanting to do this for Y E A R S. I had been consistently asking all of my friends, family, anyone really I knew that was having a baby if they would let me come and do this for them. And I was getting shut down all over the place. So anyways, she asked and I died. Finally! Someone trusted me enough to let me in & from that one experience I have been able to bring a whole other dream into fruition. So Carrie. Thank you. I will always, always, love you.


Kindra & Parker. I am so in love with every inch of this image...

Grace & Lily Anna.

Grace contacted me and loved my Meet The Photographer message & also that our daughters were both named Lily! Then I told her my daughter's full name is actually Lilyana!!!! Small world.


 Jackie & Ariyah.

I had a great maternity session with Jackie. But we forgot to do this particular pose! Dang it! Good thing Jackie remembered and texted me the next morning. She met up with me and I took a few snaps of just Ariyah and The Belly. It's hard to remember all the things you want to capture during a session.

 Sara & Jacob met me in this great open field off Hwy 68 a couple weeks ago. I love everything about how their photos turned out!


Lastly, and on a more personal note, this is myself (top right) with three of my cousins, Alexandra, Erika & Erin, with our grandmother just before her 89th birthday.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers out there!


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